"LA 2 GB" trip to Liverpool 2012

We are pleased to report that this was a very successful trip whcih took place during a very busy UK summer, just as the Olympics were beginning. Roy Shioda, the LA group's chaperone, has written a review of the trip which includes some of the Facebook postings of the teens. The main highlight of the exhange was the groups participation in building foundations for low-cost housing in the Toxteth, area of Liverpool for Habitiat for Humanity. Toxeth, like LA, experienced the devastation caused by riots and the pairing of our group with the Tiber Youth Group was very fitting. One of the LA teens neatly summed up the the whole point of our mission:

"My trip to Liverpool was simply amazing. I learned so much and experienced things that will change my life forever. Not only did I learn about another culture but also that it is good to embrace the differences between people. Working with everybody, not just the teens from Liverpool but also all the people from everywhere else, was great. It amazes me how people from so many different places, speaking different languages, can come together to volunteer to build a home for somebody they most likely don't even know."
The trip received some great publicity -- read the following articles by the Liverpool Echo, Habitat for Humanity and Liverpool 1578.


The Liverpool trip was a collaboration with Habitat for Humanity, a worldwide organization that helps communities build their own homes. This is made by possible by volunteers who learn onsite construction skills and work as a team to create brand-new homes for local people. Watch a video to learn more.

Our group participated in a Habitat For Humanity project in Toxteth, Liverpool. As well as participating in this worthwhile cause, the group explored the city of Liverpool and ventured beyond to experience the people and culture of the British Isles.


The Liverpool teens that worked alongside our group in Toxteth, are now raisng funds so that they can come to LA in summer 2013. We wish them the best of luck with that and look forward to hosting and arranging a full itineary of activities in Los Angeles. If you'd like to contribute to their fund--raising then please contact our President, Dorothy Storer.
Read more about them.


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"Being on this trip helped me get away from the gang violence and the bad influences I hang around. I was thinking for the whole trip about where I want my life to go". 
Tamara Adams

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